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New Meditation/Energy Healing & Channeled Message

This channeled meditation & message will help you to raise your vibration and remember that you are energy and more powerful than you know yourself to be. It will also help to connect you with your higher purpose. Here’s the link to the meditation & the channeled message's below: 💖🙌

We are energy, vibration & frequency. But what does it really mean in practical terms? It means we have far more power over our reality than we ever imagined we could have. Thoughts become things - so could it be that by changing our thoughts and beliefs we can change our life…just maybe…if what we think and believe comes to be 😘

"You become what you think about" ~ The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency

and vibration" ~ Nikola Tesla

This is a much longer than usual channeled message 🙏 I was guided to voice it which I’ll do when I get a chance 🙌 Hope you can feel the energy blending with you as you read it ✨

Channeled Message From The

Enlightened Conscious Collaboration (ECC)

“All the answers to your peace, freedom and abundance lie within you. You can be inspired by external tools but ultimately it is up to you to claim your birth right from within you. Everything you want and desire is waiting for you, for it is already a seed within you, that just needs watering by you.

You are energy, vibration and frequency. This is perfectly true, and we plan to talk a lot more about this in the coming times ahead of you. It’s the truth that will set you free, when you really feel it from within you.

To know you are energy, vibration and frequency is to know the secrets of the universe. Those at the highest echelons of society know this to be true. That’s often why energy, vibration and frequency is used to manipulate you, to keep you from realising what’s actually at the core of you. For if you could come to understand that you really do attract where your energy is at, your aim would be to stay in the higher vibrations that are really you. But you have been metaphorically caged into forgetting the very essence of you, the energy, frequency and vibration at the core of you. Quantum physics has proved this to be true. And in time mainstream science will be talking about it too, but not in the way we and many others are guiding you to. For a population of empowered souls is not where the powers that be wish to guide you to. But it is exactly what we wish to see, and why so many from the higher realms are encouraging you to remember the true powerful you.

A large proportion of humanity living as empowered souls is what we want to see, yet many are stuck and not empowered, and it is time for them to be set free. It was always the plan for you to use your energy, vibration, and frequency to manifest all that you dream and desire to have and be.

You have been through much but there’s a necessary point when your stories must no longer seduce you, as staying stuck in the past isn’t serving you. Being present and focussed forward is where you should be aiming to be - when you can let go of the past you are free. We know it’s not easy, but it’s where we wish to guide you to be.

We wish to see you soar…and know that success is unique for each and every one of you for really it is about being true to you."

We love you,


The ECC & me xx

P.S Get my free channeled audio Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention to help you on your journey of letting go of your mind's hold over you. You'll find my free meditations/energy healings here and if you fancy come and connect with me on instagram

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