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Monday Night Soul Nurturing Sessions

I've loved holding Monday night soul sessions with a few close friends and now I want to invite you to join, if it resonates with you.

We'll be diving deep each week with channeled messages & teachings, meditations and activations. They'll be guided energy cleansing too, along with a safe space for questions and sharing. Here's the link to book on if you feel drawn to:

None of us should feel lonely on this path, many of us are coming together now to support each other in coming back to our true selves, to letting go of the past and so many patterns and programming to enable us to become more present & embrace all that makes us uniquely us.

Part of my purpose is to help lightworkers and empaths to break free from all the disempowerment programming that has kept us stuck and trapped in a world we're supposed to free ourselves from. Only we can truly free ourselves but we can open to receive guidance and support along the way to help empower us. I will be holding space for you to connect in more deeply with the true you (your soul), and your own inner guidance & intuition, to help empower you to trust you and your own connection.

Love you, choose you & always are magic ✨💫

So much love to you,


Helen xx

P.S For free meditations & activations go to my YouTube channel: and for a free channeled intention audio go here: Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention and come and connect with me on instagram 💕

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