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You Are Not Your Thoughts…Your Thoughts Aren’t You

I’m really aware that there’s a large school of thought about how powerful our thoughts are in relation to creating our reality. And of course it’s true that thoughts become things, but I choose to go beyond my thinking...and it’s what I want to encourage you to try and do too.

I feel that trying to create anything from ‘thinking’ is still too mind based as our thoughts aren’t who we really are, so really we’re still trapped within the confines of our mind. So much better for us to go to the source of ourselves, our Soul, and let that be our guide for what’s best for us. But to do that we have to become detached from our thinking, and it doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process of unlearning all that we’ve been taught to do.

I choose to do the practice of witnessing my thoughts but not listening to them! Obviously, it’s not always easy and it’s an ongoing, sometimes arduous task, but I do try hard at it 😅 and as a result I’m becoming more present, peaceful and more creative…I guess that’s because my soul can finally get through all the fog of thinking! I’m also noticing synchronicities happening more & more 😊

I want to share this little poem with you & also a channeled message that I hope will assist you:

You Are Not Your Thoughts

You’re not your thoughts

You’re thoughts aren’t you

So if that’s true, who are you?

You are your soul

Your soul is you

When you come to know

That your thoughts aren’t you

You’ll experience a peace

That’ll feel so good to you

And you’ll wonder why it’s so accepted

That thoughts have become king

And inner silence has been so rejected

And you’ll ask yourself why

We’re not taught about our soul

And why our mind has been so in control

And your slowly, slowly start to let go

Of your mind’s hold over you

As you get closer and closer to the heart of you


Channeled message from The ECC

(The Enlightened Conscious Collaboration)

"When you realise you're the one watching your thoughts, you're on the road to real freedom. You become the observer of your thoughts knowing that they're not you. Freedom comes from realising that this is completely true. When you truly grasp this, your thoughts no longer have a hold over you. This is where we wish to lead you, to living a life free from your over thinking. You observe your thoughts but you don’t let them affect you, and you always choose not to act on them. Instead you choose to keep returning to the inner silence at the heart of you, the presence that is you and you let your soul guide you. You come to trust in you and no longer look for validation outside of you. "

Love you, choose you & always are magic ✨💫

So much love to you,


Helen xx

P.S Get my free channeled surrender tool Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention to help you on your journey to letting go and surrendering. It's something that was given to me by the ECC (Enlightened Conscious Collaboration) and it's helped me so much in surrendering to my soul and I hope it will help you too. And if you fancy come and connect with me on instagram

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