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Why Feeling Like Shit Is So Spiritual

There’s no getting around it - the path of spiritual awakening can cause you to feel like shit. Why? Because pain has such a big purpose. It’s such an important part of the path…if we can see it for what it is, face it head on and then transcend it.

I’ve realised that some of my worst feeling moments have brought me so much gold on the other side of feeling them. Like I had to go to pain that I really didn’t want to face and feel, to get to the outcome that my higher self wanted me to get to - which has been to progressively get closer to my Soul; to my dreams and true desires, to healing all the hurt that was in me. It’s been a step-by-step process and it’s by no means been easy.

When we’re feeling hurt it feels so good to blame someone else for how they ‘made’ us feel, but if we really want to heal and become whole within ourselves, we have to take responsibility for everything that’s happened to us. We have to end the blame game, which is bloody hard and requires a whole new perspective. And that’s the perspective of our Soul. Which is why we can’t stay in victim mentality and truly heal. Because the true meaning of healing is becoming whole – and you’re not whole if you’re disconnected from your Soul.

But this doesn’t mean that we stay in situations that aren’t good for us. On the contrary it means we become strong and remove ourselves from situations that don’t honour us, and then work on us rather than focusing on the other person or that we don't attract a similar experience again just with a different situation or person.

Channeled Message from the ECC

“Now is the time to heal. Not hide away from the parts of you that are hurt, that still need your attention. Every time you blame anyone else you are disempowering yourselves and missing a perfect opportunity for inner reflection and self-responsibility. It was never going to be easy not to blame, and to look within as to why you have created the situation. Not in a self-judgemental way, but in a way that causes you to dig deep within you and shine a light on all those parts of you that need your loving attention. The parts that don’t feel worthy, the parts that feel underserving…that’s where your attention should be and not on the other person. Your ego likes to blame, your soul knows the reason. Listen to your Soul and it will lead you to inner heaven - where your inner state of being is then reflected outside of you. Clean up your inner for the outer world to give you a new reflection. Remember the timeless truth that we want to remind you that the outer is a reflection of the inner.”

- The Enlightened Concious Collaboration

Love you, choose you & always are magic ✨💫

So much love to you,


Helen xx

P.S Get my free channeled surrender tool Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention to help you on your journey to letting go and surrendering. It's something that was given to me by the ECC (Enlightened Conscious Collaboration) and it's helped me so much in surrendering to my soul and I hope it will help you too. And if you fancy come and connect with me on instagram

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