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True Love Is Self Love

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Here's a little poem that I wrote about Self Love. It was inspired by a recent wedding that I went to which was so beautiful and loved filled, as it was expected to be, but the bride said something that resonated so much with me...

Self love

She said that her husband to be didn't complete her in the traditional sense but that he had helped her to feel whole within herself. And her words felt so powerful to me. Whilst romantic love feels fabulous there's a far deeper love that's waiting for us to experience and that's us loving feeling home within us and whole. It's us finally coming to a place where we've faced our shadows, integrated them and come out the other side knowing we are love and that we are fully loved, despite what our past and mind might have us believe. We wholeheardly love us without our ego getting in the way, for really the ego's concept of love isn't love at all. It's the superficial stuff that doesn't really last. Because unless we truly love ourselves we can't truly love another. When we love ourselves for the beautiful souls that we really are, we radiate a different kind of love, and that's Divine Love and what the world really really needs right now. So I hope my little poem inspires you to love you that little bit more...


Love always wins

Even when it feels like it isn’t

When you trust in love

Love will always find you

Perhaps not in the way that we expect it to

And perhaps sometimes it has to hurt before it feels like heaven


The fluffy love we’ve been sold

Isn’t what it’s really about

For sure romantic love feels yummy

But there’s a deeper love waiting for us to


And that’s us loving us

Sometimes it’s through the hurt

When we’re forced to dig deeper

That we meet ourselves again

Perhaps fully for the first time ever

And we’re given the chance once again

To love & choose us forever

Love you, choose you and always remember…you are magic

Helen xx

P.s Get my free channeled surrender tool Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention here to help you on your journey to surrendering. It's something that was given to me by the ECC (Enlightened Conscious Collaboration) and it's helped me so much in surrendering and I hope it will help you too.

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