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Being Present Is Where Your Peace Is

I wanted to share a teaching with you today that I got for my online group session tonight. We will go more in-depth later with a meditation too, but I wanted to share the main message with you. (If you fancy joining later here's the link:

The guidance is about becoming more present and doing that by setting a strong

Become more present

Experience inner peace

Release the past’s hold over us

We can’t be properly present when we’ve got past stuff that's still affecting us. And when we’re not present, we’re not in alignment with the true us, our true selves, our soul. The main message is how powerful intention is to help us to become more present. We don’t have to know how, that’s the job of our soul/the universe. Our job is to set our intention, to use our thoughts to set it into motion.

We mustn't underestimate how important intention is to bring about inner change. And inner change should be what we’re focussed on if we genuinely want to fully spiritually awaken. The guidance is a strong message that we are 100% responsible for cleaning up our inner world...and then our external world becomes what we really want it to be. It all starts within us. It starts with us focusing on us. It’s always been this way. It’s about us overcoming our mind’s hold over us.

Our true freedom starts within us, with a strong intention to become more and more present to the true us. Behind our mind, behind our thinking, becoming more united with our soul/higher self. And the more present we become, the more aligned we are, and the more aligned we are the more peace we experience. Set your intention now to become as present to life as possible, set your intention to experience inner peace, and to start to let go of your past. You don’t need to know how, you just need to set your intention to 🙏


Here’s a little poem I want to share with you...from a new book I’m writing

I am me, you are you

But where is me & where is you?

Who is me, who is you?

In this moment who are we?

I am being here with you

In this moment talking to you

Beyond my body, beyond my thinking

In this moment we are linking

Beyond time, and beyond space

In this moment we are meeting


We are Energy, we are Presence

We are a Soul, we are Divine Essence

We are breath, we are life

For life is breath, and breath is life


Love you, choose you & always are magic ✨💫

So much love to you,


Helen xx

P.S Get my free channeled audio Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention to help you on your journey of letting go of your mind's hold over you. You'll find my free meditations here and if you fancy come and connect with me on instagram

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