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Why I Had Attitude With Gratitude

This blog post is about gratitude, the importance of it in our lives and the power of it when we invoke it with pure intention. But also about how hard it can be to genuinely be grateful. Gratitude is bloody powerful and totally underrated. I mean it’s one of those words that’s bantered about so much but how often do we actually really feel it?

Attitude of Gratitude

It's one thing to say I’m really grateful for x,y & z, like we do when we write gratitude lists, but are we actually feeing it or just saying it because we know we should. I’ve learnt through experience that there’s a big difference between writing it and actually feeling it.

I can honestly say that I used to feel grateful in fleeting moments and then I’d fall back into worrying about life. I tried to be thankful for the small things everyday but that was overshadowed by the big things, the challenges which made it difficult for me to honestly say I was grateful for my life at the time. I knew in my heart that I wanted to feel thankful, but I just couldn’t be and sometimes I got really triggered by someone suggesting gratitude to me. Can you relate to this? Were there times, and maybe there are now where you just wanted to shove gratitude in a box and bury it?

I dove deep into why I had such a bad attitude towards gratitude and learnt that it was because I felt let down, that God/the higher power that I had believed was supporting and protecting me had essentially hung me out to dry. Why would God let these things happen to me? It was this juxtaposition of pure faith yet feeling completely let down by it. Yet somewhere I knew that life was meant to work out for me. That it was supposed to be drama free, that it was supposed to be fun and full of love and not how it had turned out to be.

And that’s when I learnt the biggest life lesson. No one was going to turn my life around but me! But I didn’t have to do it alone – it was a collaboration.

So I sit here today with genuine gratitude in my heart having now understood it. It’s power was never really in the little things it was in coming to see the big things from a new perspective. In realising we can trust our Soul/God to guide us to true happiness and realise that all along we were/are being guided. Everything has a part and a place in our unique divine plan. We just have to fully choose to align with love instead of fear. And when we do…we can’t help but feel the genuine power of gratitude, it’s impossible not to…because we come to see our life from a completely new perspective.

Love you, choose you & always are magic ✨💫

So much love to you,


Helen xx

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