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Welcome to my Spiritual Blog

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Hi, I'm a spiritual author, channeler and healer dedicated to The Path of Surrender; to living as presently as possible, to letting go and trusting in the flow! My hope is to help you to trust in The Path of Surender too, where you feel fully supported to be the authentic you and live how you know intuitively it's possible to...being present, passionate and full of purpose.

Spiritual Awakening Blog

There's so many stages of awakening that we can get stuck at and as light bringers/light workers we're not supposed to be living in fear feeling like a victim. We're supposed to be experiencing peace, joy and living on purpose. But there's a few stages before we get there. And that's the tricky part as we have to let go of so much that we've been attached to, including our hurts and beliefs about ourselves. I'll be addressing this and more in my posts to come.

So much we've been told about ourselves just isn't true and it takes so much courage and determination to do the inner work to overcome all the programming we've been subjected to. But the inner work we must do if we want to live how we know in our hearts we're supposed to. And we never have to do it alone. As soon as we genuinely set our intention to, help comes in, in the most unexpected ways.

Although all our stories and journeys are different we all share a similar experience of knowing the depths of suffering...and it's that deep desire to heal from the depths of despair that acts as a catalyst for our true awakening. The gold is in integrating our shadows, facing our fears and transcending our traumas and challenges. As we start to move out of victim mentality, integrate higher consciousness and move into self responsibility change has to happen. And when we realise that our inner world is reflected outside of us we know the real work is in cleaning up the inner mess that our mind has created!

Yes there's lots of inner work to do, but we can't take this path too seriously...we absolutely have to have fun too! And yes sometimes this journey is really heavy but we have to remember that we are supposed to be light. I intend to bring light heartedness alongside channeled messages and my own experience to help inspire you on your path of Spiritual Awakening and Surrender.

I offer you this FREE channeled gift Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention that helped me so much on my journey. I hope it helps you too.

So much love to you,

Helen xx

P.S And if you fancy come and follow me on my Instagram for additional content to support you.

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