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Letting Go Of False Beliefs About You!

Channeled Meditation/Inner Child Healing to help release beliefs that just aren't true...

We’re told so much stuff about ourselves that maybe just isn’t true. Like when we were at school and told we couldn’t do maths, or that we were the loud one that was always disturbing the class.

Then we get into toxic relationships and we’re told we’re this or that, or maybe it started before that at home where we were belittled rather than being bigged up.

We carry so many thoughts and beliefs about ourselves that just aren’t true, that we keep telling ourselves, ingraining these beliefs within us. But we can silence our inner saboteur by becoming more aware of who we actually are underneath it all.

Here’s a channeled meditation/inner child healing from the ECC (Enlightened Conscious Collaboration) to help you let go of some of the inner beliefs that just aren't true about you:

Be prepared for a deep dive into you...but remember that shadow work is the most healing work 💖💫

Love you, choose you & always are magic ✨💫

So much love to you,


Helen xx

P.S Get my free channeled surrender tool Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention to help you on your journey to letting go and surrendering. It's something that was given to me by the ECC (Enlightened Conscious Collaboration) and it's helped me so much in surrendering to my soul and I hope it will help you too. And if you fancy come and connect with me on instagram

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