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Free Meditation/Self Healing

Happy New Year to you 😊 I know we're over a week in already, but I haven't been able to get myself very motivated. Not because I'm feeling doom & gloom but because my body feels completely out of synch with it actually being the beginning of the year. I know I'm not the only one who feels like time as we've known it has completely changed.

A friend of mine who's a psychic said that she'd been shown how three months is now going to be the equivalent of a year in terms of what occurs within those months - as in Jan-March (1 year) April-June (1 year) July-September (1 year) October-December (1 year) Interesting food for thought eh? I still feel like it should be the summer not the beginning of January 😅 and am very grateful to be writing this from my friend's house in Portugual 🙏

A big theme for empaths this year is letting go of guilt. It's such a low vibrational emotion that doesn't serve us, yet it's one of the emotions that we feel so much. It's time to let go of the past, and ideally anyone that tries to make you feel guilty. Everything that has happened to this point has had a reason behind it. Maybe we can't see why, but it was always for a lesson/remembering and growth...always. Please accept this short self healing/meditation (Stepping Into 2023 Guilt Free) as a New Year's gift to you, to start the year with the intention of letting go of guilt and the past.

Self Healing/Meditation: Stepping Into 2023 Guilt Free:

So much love to you and I wish for you a very Happy 2023,


Helen xx

P.S You'll find my free meditations/energy healings on Youtube@helenjanerose1111 here: and if you fancy come and connect with me on Instagram@helenjanerose here: instagram




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