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Free Meditation/Energy Healing & Channeled Message

I hope you are well? Here's a channeled meditation/energy healing that I was guided to do: 'Healing The Past, Creating The Future'. It takes you back to something in your past that's stopping you from being more fully present in the moment and then takes you forward to consciously focusing on something you would love to create/manifest. It's more of an energy healing than a meditation. Here's the link:

We bring so much of our past patterns, programming and pain to the present moment unless we consciously choose not to. We don't even know we're doing it most of the time but if we're not fully present and feeling the inner gift that it brings, then we're really living in the past and missing the magic that we could be experiencing. Easier said than done eh!?Here's a few ways we can start to let go of the past: Through energy healing; becoming more conscious of our triggers and then using TFT to help release them; taking responsibility for how we respond to situations and changing what we say to ourselves. Our thoughts are so powerful when we use them consciously!🙏

Channeled Message from the

Enlightened Conscious Collaboration (ECC):

"The true spiritual path is supposed to lead you to riches held deep within you, hidden behind all your doubts, misbeliefs, low self esteem and societal labels that you have taken on as true. The riches that lie within you are inner peace, happiness, joy and bliss. Yes this is true. When you are fully present and connected to your soul you feel the riches inside of you. And the more you feel them as a true experience for you, the more your external reality reflects this too. As within, so without, this is perfectly true. You can help yourselves very much by becoming more conscious of how you are feeling and using your thoughts to assist you. Fake it till you make it can be very good for you. Telling yourself you're choosing to feel good when you’re feeling anything but is telling your present moment what you wish for more of not what you are actually experiencing. Tell yourself as often as you remember in the moment: I am choosing to feel good NOW!"

Peace is within you,

💕 The ECC & me xx

P.S Get my free channeled audio Surrender To Your Soul Morning Intention to help you on your journey of letting go of your mind's hold over you. You'll find my free meditations here and if you fancy come and connect with me on instagram


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