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Are you ready to shift?

Heelllooo I know I'm popping up after being quiet for so long, but a lot has happened...which has resulted in the writing/channeling of my new book The Coming Times: A Pathway To Inner Peace… that I’m happy to say is finally available in paperback & eBook!


It's been a bit of a mission to get this book finished and out; it's definitely a deep dive and will only be relatable to those who feel a deep calling from within purpose, to service, to surrender, to living freely as our soul-selves! It's the result of hours and hours of automatic writing and its purpose is to help us shift from awakening and into enlightenment. I’m smiling as I write that because it sounds so bloody lofty! The word enlightenment sounds so big & complicated doesn't it? But really it's about us letting go. Letting go firstly of what feels good to keep hold of…our past, our patterns & our programming. Our past and the way we respond to it feels so familiar, like a badge of honour - afterall it's our identity, isn't it? Or is it? As we do the inner work we absolutely isn't!

This is a sentence from the introduction of the book that I think sums the book up quite well:

"It’s a call to inner action to affect outer change. It’s profound, controversial, thought provoking, triggering and inspiring all at the same time."



The Coming Times definitely isn't for everyone but if you feel called to read it, you can buy it here on amazon


 There’s also a FREE Pocketbook flipbook edition of The Coming Times (which includes quotes & small snippets from the main book) that you can download here for free:



I'll be going 'deeper' with channeled messages & guidance on instagram @_thecomingtimes if you fancy connecting with me there. And also via The Coming Times website if you fancy signing up there too:

I'd love to hear any questions or feedback you might have about the book, you can get in touch with me here: 


 Big Love, 


 Helen xx



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