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about me

It feels like a different lifetime ago when I was an unfulfilled and unhappy journalist and editor working and living in London. Then I moved to the Bahamas – to a beautiful location – but a time of great challenge. To call that chapter in my life the dark night of the soul would be an understatement. It was more like the dark years!


Yet that time acted as a catalyst for my awakening and helped me to discover gifts that were dormant within me. I started to unlock healing and automatic writing abilities which led to me training in energy healing, meditation, yoga and becoming an author. It was also the start of me doing deep healing inner work and the beginning of trusting my heart and soul over my mind and ego.


I would learn in time that I was unknowingly in training in Surrender and Letting Go. I had to do a lot of letting go! But the prize was inner peace, unlocking inner gifts and finding my purpose (to be present and follow the flow of my Soul's guidance).  Life is now about living as presently as possible, on purpose with peace and passion and with a lotta fun thrown in too. 

My passion is to help you heal from all that's stopping you from being at peace, being present and trusting the guidance of your Soul. Most people are at war within themselves, most days being an inner battle between the inner critic and the wiser self who knows there's another way to be. Self-love is the gateway to inner peace and genuine happiness...I assist you in igniting self-love from within you.

You are so much more than you think you are, we are more than our minds and bodies. The true you, your soul, is calling out for your attention. Most people are emotionally surviving rather than thriving, affected by their past, stuck energetically by beliefs, patterns and programming. Life's challenges can cripple us emotionally but also act as catalysts for great change. Never be afraid to change...or of change. 

I help you to:

Transcend Trauma




Align With


Make Peace With Your Past

Ignite Inner Purpose

Move From Fear Into Love

Surrender To Your Soul