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Helen Jane Rose Meditating Inner Peace

about me

It feels like a lifetime ago when I was an unfulfilled journalist and editor working and living in London. Then I moved to the Bahamas – to a beautiful location – but a time of great challenge. To call that chapter in my life the dark night of the soul would be an understatement. It was more like the dark years!

Yet that time acted as a catalyst for my spiritual awakening and helped me to discover gifts that were dormant within me. I started to unlock healing and automatic writing abilities which led me to doing deep healing inner work and training in Reiki, energy healing, meditation & yoga. All of which inspired me to write my first novel 'To Fear, With Love' and consequently write books through automatic writing about awakening, enlightenment and spirituality.

It was also the time when I chose to metaphorically take 'the red pill' and fall down the rabbit hole! It was a while before I climbed back up and started to learn about frequency & vibration.

I would later learn that I was unknowingly in training in surrender and letting go. I had to do a lot of letting go - emotionally, mentally & physically! But all the trials, tribulations & challenges that came with it were worth it. I'm finally trusting in 'the flow' of where life wants to lead me and what an adventure it has turned out to be! 


Helen Jane Rose Yoga Pose Head Stand

It's my passion to help you heal from all that's stopping you from being at peace, being present and trusting the guidance of your Soul. Self-love is the gateway, as is transcending trauma and making peace with the past. All that's really required is new perspectives, strong intentions and the openness to letting go of old patterns and programming that has plagued us for so long. When we choose to rise up out of victimhood, magic happens and our light is ignited.

We really are so much more than we think we are, a lot more than just our minds and bodies. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. It's such a profound realisation when we finally start to ground into it and see life from the perspective of our Soul.

As we spiritually awaken our mind starts to have less hold over us and our true self, our Soul starts to guide us. Feeling inner peace, joy & happiness is its goal, leading us away from fear and back to love.

My hope is to help you to:

Make Peace With Your Past
Move From Fear To Love
Self Love
Purpose & Passion
Surrender To Your Soul
Transcend Trauma

Move From Fear Into Love

Surrender To Your Soul

Transcend  Your Trauma



Love Yourself 

Make Peace With Your Past

Feel Passionate, Peaceful, Purposeful & Free

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